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Born in  Kyiv, Ukraine, 1924
Diplomate of Leuven/Louvain University Medial School, Belgium, 1950
Rotating Internship, Bayonne Hospital, Bayonne, New Jersey 1951‑1952
Residency in General Surgery , Polyclinic Hospital, New York, 1952-1953
United States Navy 1953‑1955 (Lt..)
Residency in General Surgery, Albany V. A. Hospital,  1955‑1957
Residency in Thoracic Surgery, Castle Point Hospital, New York, 1957‑1958
Residency in General Surgery, V.A. Hospital, Brooklyn, New York,  1958‑1960
Residency in General Surgery, Doctors Hospital, New York. 1960-1962
Practice of General Surgery, New Haven, Connecticut since 1962
Connecticut National Guard 1980-1990 (Lt. Col.).
Author of History of Byzantine Empire, (Oecumenical Councils) 325‑787 (Brussels,1974)
Engaged in writing a surgical textbook in 10 volumes ‑ in Ukrainian and English ‑ to be published in 2005?


Basic information about his work on surgery:

name of book: Ukrainian Surgery
name of author: Yaroslav K. Turkalo, M. D.
number of chapters: 100
number of volumes: 10
number of pages in volume: 500
number of pages in all volumes: 5000
number of libraries used: 100
number of languages used: 30
number of countries in references: 150
number of surgical operation described: 500
number of eponyms in text: 30,000
number of illustrations: 5,000
number of references: 50,000
number of entries: 100.000
number of authors cited: 150,000
number of years to write book: 40
number of authors: 1